30 rock and LaGuardia, nyc part 2 from November 19ish

Jan , Fresia and I went to the fancy pants area on Friday the 15 of November .We ate some Godiva aka go diva! chocolate . We admired the tree and ice skaters and then my ice skater roomie came down for a hug . Next on list of niceties cousin Jason F gave us  a tour of msnbc or nbc !!We saw the living wall , plants living on a moving wall .
 I admit I am dwelling on events that happened weeks ago..the tree at 30 rock is lit and pretty !!
I have more to say..That photo with all the tablets is LaGuardia airport , when you get to your gate at Delta there are rows and rows of tablets on bars on dinettes on standing tables.  You can go online till your flight is ready  , conveniently there are credit card scanners so you can order food from a modern overpriced plastic crappy food service or SHOP for anything from TV shows to Victoria Secret !! There was no Starbucks only yucky coffee. When we ordered food , which we did a lot of because our flight was cancelled , you go to the touch screen a) pick your food b) swipe c) get receipt d) wait for human to give you food , the ways of the modern world ! This photo does not do it justice , but there were so many rows of people glued to the screens , swiping and having a virtual party .It made me think of that movie "Wall-e" with the humans just becoming non physical beings or in "Bruce almighty" when the file cabinets open in an infinite way.