our friend Jake Conover

I have known Jake Conover since 1987 . He build aerial rigging , actually Custom Built Equipment will build anything you can dream of . They construct chairs to balance on , slides for dogs and pigs  , pedestals for elephants . The list is pretty long ,personally they have kept me in swivels, rope ,webs ,  neck loops , hand loops  , rosin , pulley blocks , chalk , stakes ,wheels and shackles . Sometimes I dye web casings and loop casings for them for our friends who want to have colorful equipment . Their latest endeavor  is WINE . They brought me a couple of their award winning  (at the fair )bottles , Blackberry and Cotton Candy are the flavors I received . I opened the cotton candy and couldn't believe my eyes ! Blue cotton candy wine , how fun is that ?
 My friend Jake is going through some health issues , we wish him the best . I am glad in my adventures Jake and his family have helped me as friends and suppliers . Get better Jake ! you still have more stories to share !