don't drink and rant on the internet

Note to persons who make big tough statements on social will get called on it . This guy named little John was having the time of his life . I am telling you the time of his life !!! ..knock knock knocking Kelly Miller and certain personal . I guess it was EVERYBODY on the show was an unworthy trooper in his little demented mind . He showed his mug on the lot and was told he was persona non gratis . What did the big man do ? why he went on facebook and had more FUN ! knock knock knocking all of us "first of may mud show pies" yeah baby !!

One of the "smartest" things he said was to have the fire department hose down the tent . GENIUS !!!! We are on this grass/earth lot and when the ground gets wet it clings and you end up having shoes that weigh tons because the mud builds as you walk !! He is such a smarty pants , that is such a great idea .

I feel much better now .

Last week we went to Mexico , it is all about the ceramics for me ! Fresia bought a huge pineapple blended with coconut and yummy stuff .
I wish we had bought a beautiful sombrero but it would have gotten trashed in the trailer . On the way to Mexico we walk across a bridge crossing the Rio Grande , once you are on the Mexico side little children climb up the bridge and beg for $ . I was giving these babies dollars . When I saw little kids selling chiclet I gave them $ . I probably only gave 7$ but they were so small and hungry looking . On the way back I took a photo through the bridge and it was of grown woman . They called me a facking bitch . I didn't give them any $ .

The Mongolian women have a friend named Ugi  , she came to help the girls settle in and practice some web and generally give them advice . We worked on Tuffy N's show in Atlantic City . Ugi does beautiful contortion .It was fun having a visit with her