Primrose and TopoChico

I must admit I can't stop drinking TopoChico with a twist of lime ! I should be their spokesperson ! Thirst quenching , tasty and balancing yummy so tasty so fine !
Yesterday was a set up day , we are doing a 4 day spot, how sweet is that ..
This lot is definitely a Texas lot . Yay for the rains , before we came , otherwise the amazing growth would not be clinging to the earth . One of my lovely coworkers Pat said she had never seen such big Primrose .
Mike R. has an insane weed whacker and most of the lot was already bushwhacked , so it is looking pretty fine .
Nik S .weed whacked the ring and Luis the prop boss waters the ring to keep the rogue ground at bay .
Yesterday a bunch of us hung out during lunch at cookhouse ( biscuits ,scrambled eggs and this magnificent ham that made me a hamster for sure ) anyway it was so fun hanging out with these amazing people I have trouped with over the years . One thing led to another and the group that was left ( not naming names ) had all worked for this sometimes innovative show owner . I wish I could post these stories of what this guy did to "get it down the road" but there are some thing in life that if you are going to write about you should be getting paid .
 The mercury hit the high 80's yesterday . I wish everyone was wearing deodorant because nothing stinks like the only costume you will be wearing ALL SEASON if you don't apply