Listening is a very admirable quality

star date March 16 ,2014
Dear Diary ,

Today is cool and breezy . This morning some trucks got a little stuck in a little mud  , it was a winching this winching that sort of a deal , fortunately everything got off  yesterday's lot almost before the sun came up . The drive was amazing and traffic free , I love driving in daylight !
When we arrived at today's town a few things got a little stuck .. in some mud ( shocking , you didn't see that coming ) unfortunately the stake driver truck got stuck . Fortunately the bob cat driven by Jason directed by Cristian pulled the stake driver truck directed by Teto and all 82 stakes got pounded into the ground . Unfortunately it is windy . Fortunately I had some hearty patrons for the tent raising tour . Tent raising tour is my #dayjob ( I wear pants )

Yesterday the weather was a little humid and slightly stormy . The grip quality was amazing not only for aerial shenanigans but for wire walking and anything you could imagine . Yesterday was also the first early finish this season . So nice to be done at 7 and just to hang out and play in the trailer .

Yesterday was also a day full of amusing things . During the carousal production my shoes went awol so Fridman and Nik got to carry me out of the ring .
I installed the " if you blow/miss your act or finale you must buy at least 1 case of beer for your co workers " ( actually that is an old Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus Band penalty ) . The rule in showbiz is to be ready and in the wings at least an act before you go on , but what do I know . The school of circus , learning the ropes and on the job training .

A friend of mine said , " rules keep the peace " that is so true , if only they were followed !!! smile and nod just smile and nod .

Fletcher has been working on a flexible gyroscopic pole , entertaining for us to watch .