The little laundromat in Kingston , Oklahoma

Hello Oklahoma !
There is always something so wonderful about coming to Oklahoma.
I remember when we first signed up with this outfit in 1990 . We would roll into winter quarters 4/5 days early so the band could practice the tunes of the season , computers were something big and scary . The downfall of live music was not even something we could imagine .In those days I was an elephant tada girl extroadanaire so I got to go to the elephant barn , meet the girls and practice / play with the elephants . Something that seemed so ordinary was actually spectacularly special and I will remember those times forever . There is nothing more privileged than walking by 26 elephants and riding one or two in the show
We will be in Hugo tomorrow . I know I will be nostalgic and a little sad , but hopefully hopeful
We are jazzed to see some special people in the next couple of days .

Today I am in a wee laundromat .
Usually Marshall and I do laundry at this location together . I love this little laundry place . A few top loaders and cool furniture .