another day at the circus

Today I decided to go for a walk before tent raising , there was a pretty path and it called out to me . On the path I met my twin , she told me there was a cute town at the end of the path .
Off I went , I thought about running but I didn't want to get carried away .
In town I saw many adorable places , a yarn shop for Tavana , an ice cream parlour for Marshall and a yoga studio for me !!!!

I told a few about the 10.30 class . Carolyn was the only one who could make it so off we went .
It was almost 2 hours but the time flew by . I feel pretty elongated . I feel less toxic . The class was gentle yoga and it was perfect .

Thank you BKS Iyengar  (December 14 , 1918 - August 20  , 2014) for bringing yoga to the USA in 1956 ,
 Thank you lovely yoga studio in Caledonia , Yoga Plus LLC

While we were being yogis the mighty welding department took the ride platform off the old office truck and moved it to the new office truck , it was a very cool event and I wished I had witnessed this marvel ( photo credit Jacob )