getting stuff " down the road "

A day when everything gets to the lot unscathed is a great day  .

 The old shop truck  that has major surgery everyday but must get towed from town to town .

A sad bumper that got hung up on a raised sewer  manhole cover .

The vehicle that was found in Detroit with the keys in it and out of fuel because someone left the keys in the ignition on the lot and a stranger procured it . ( no pictures please ) .  Another week living the dream .

Today was a day off except for the people that welded and retrieved vehicles .
 For my little family today was a great day for a day off , we got an oil change , hair beautified , massage , mall meandering , other lovely activities and for good extra f-ing special measure Marshall let Spartacus loose and he ranged up some kitty cats and Fresia , myself and everyone who could ran or biked and went after him and I grabbed his self for another eventful jog . I must say I still got it !! I can still run like the wind .