Friday August 28, 2009

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks ago I went to shut the green gate. The gate did not move but my wrist did. It was one of those minutely painful things. A few days later doing a back bend I felt something excruciating in my wrist. I was piking up my web it felt not good.

I am thinking," oh great, now what?"..I hadn't linked up the pain with the immovable gate, pop thing yet. I just figured I was done for, finished..that was it!

I stumbled thru my act because every time I pulled myself up it really hurt!!
After the show I sat in my wet costume and had a little boo hoo time. I iced, Advil, got wrapped and was instructed to do my act and take out the hurting parts.

Well that was everything! I started by climbing up using my legs and arms !! cool
WHAT HAVE I BEEN THINKING all these years? this is the way to do it !!
I eliminated the major painful stuff,which was only one little trick, and TADARRRGHAA!! A very easy, very pain free act!

After the show I hightailed it to the Acupuncture Studio and got jabbed.Warren told me about an excellent ,local ,awesome chiropractor and I am feeling pretty good. My right hamstring area has been funky all summer, my hips are super out of true..
I got my front end aligned.I am feeling ok,pretty good

11 more days of piracy!