sushi or bait

Friday August 7, 2009

My mom is visiting! I believe I saw shadows,maybe blue skies.
I love it when she and Fresia talk about art and "things"
Fresia had a very emotional day, she even let me put my arm around her as we walked home.
When I get slightly crazy, she gets slightly crazy. I need to keep the crazy inside.

We went for sushi, so extravagant !

I have decided that when doing 4 shows a day, hanging by my feet 2x a day is enough I am a-crying about my feet. The f-ing pain is sooo intense that I get stomach aches thinking about it. I am just a very delicate creature.

Maybe those hideous booty things those foreign artistes wear are a good , but really f-ing ugly, idea!

Oh yes Dearest Diary,
I am writing about me , my point of view, for me so when I am not privileged to pike up a web and spin by my face or drive 1,000s of miles and risk life and limb to set up. I can read and say to self ok ...

I realize I can be shallow and write only about my peripheral existence. I do obsess about weight and looks a little much but that is part of me. Speaking of obsessing I am skipping rope in a rather obsessive manner! Nothing makes one feel so fine as a good skip.

also..note to self, I am too blond..ugh..when I am done with piracy I am hitting a salon and spending some scratch