a whole new crew

Monday August 31, 2009

Dear Diary,

Seven more days ,twenty eight more shows! The dynamics in the the show and in the green room have totally changed. We have these three (new to this show, but not showbiz) divers. They are very funny and smart and sassy and nice. A very high energy way to end this pirate summer.There is a lot of hilarity and improvising AND I hate to brag BUT there has been dancing and it ain't always me.

Almost every night we have a "function". I am even a chosen player in beer pong.
A drinking game, it is not the sport of the game but the drinking the beer that kills me.I play beer pong the way I bowl.

I am dreading that drive home ,but I can't wait to see Marshall and Fresia and Spartacus.

I have everyday goals this last week.A) To practice fabric B)take my vitamins C) skip rope D) finish my @#$%^&* taxes E) pack Fresia's toys and clothes by Wednesday
F)go to that alleged hot yoga ! ha we will see about that..how hot

I love not driving every day.I love not being on auto pilot.

Every situation has it's merits. I do truly miss my circus tents...