hey let's take a picture for Abby and all your fans

Thursday September 24, 2009

Today was one of those brilliant days of being thankful for my amazing friends and the wonderful people on this show.

My time here has evolved into a jewel of a visit. When I first arrived the dynamics of my role in the fabric of this circus family was unknown. I feel I am woven into this tapestry and I will be sad to unravel myself ..sniff sniff..

Today I was playing in the soft grass. I let my stilettos sink into the earth, not my smartest move.When I strutted out of the tent, my stilleto heel stayed in the soft earth. I panicked," not my sacred hooker shoes!!(that's what I call my pumps)"
After I bit of looking I found the heel and jammed it back together. Tragedy averted.

Note to self, don't drink and blog..because I either get surly or poetic