remembering Jimmy James

right off the bat I am giving myself an f- for grammer and run on rambling..but the Jolly Roger is about to leave

Jimmy always treated me aces because I was with "Sluggo", he loved the boys in the band.What was not to love? The CBCB circus band was great!excellent musicians and all very easy on the eye(for the most part)

"In the day" when one would walk into the CBCB circus tent.. well I would get shivers !!listening to his voice and hearing that rich deep sound was amazing!

He called the single trapeze , the "solo trapeze"

I loved how he spoke and announced acts..he was singing but using the spoken word

He loved my butterfly wing entrance.

He always championed me , always on my side, I could do no wrong.He made me feel like a movie star.He always had time to sit and chat.

When I was pregnant I was allowed to sit down during "doors" when I felt faint.
He thought I was the most glamorous pregnant aerialist ever!

I will miss that guy..thank you Jimmy James for everything you made me feel spectacular about myself, on those days of self loathing