yay for me

Monday September 21, 2009

I am performing my trapeze act for a couple of days. Someone is not well.

John Moss the ringmaster selected the most amazing music for my entrance and static section. Miss Vicky found something dynamic for my swinging.

It was magical and hard and wonderful.

Marshall had sent me some costumes and my wings when I joined up with this outfit.
I don't have my headpieces so I had to really brush my hair and make it all sparky.

I was in the show 5 times! I changed in Nat and Casey's casa, cause I am living in the front yard.Nat is so darling!, her words make me feel like a glamorous movie star.

Casey keeps calling me a "showgirl" and this packs me enormously! I forgot to hydrate during the second show .I was stretching before trapeze and thinking I am very thirsty . Case came by ,bev in hand, to watch and critique. I told him of my thirstiness and he shook his diet cola in my face and said, "After you work you can have a drink of the gin you left in our trailer".How refreshing!!

Tavana gave me a great review. Her opinion counts because she is one of the great aerialists in time. She is from a time of standards.

In conclusion, yes!