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Friday March 5, 2010

I am one of those democratic types. I am pro American and pro Americana. I am also proud that my ancestors escaped their fascist, communist, poverty stricken , dictator type homeland to come to this great land of mine.

I have friends that are Republican, as was Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican) ,Independent and Green ..the point being they bitch about the shittiness and stupidity of this administration .Yet they embody and support giving work to those not of this great land. Is it ok to say that so and so is an asshole fo sending funds to anywhere , planet earth. BUT when foreign performers are hired instead of me...which quite honestly is so very close to home.. I wonder ..are we being hypocrites? We being myself included for not saying what the heck!! BUY AMERICAN
case closed on that bit of my point of view

I am struggling with icy breeze in my back yard and practice.. I hit the dusty or muddy trail in 2weeks and a few days ..

I will be working in a tent all season !! 4 stakes and my main falls hanging off 2 center poles.