week 2 begins

March 31, 2010

I wonder what part of my brain thought I could perform trapeze, aerial fabric, be the ringmaster, announcer, host whatever I am and and and do face painting ???

Oh yes while doing 1 day stands, traveling, dealing with a recreational vehicle, tires, cables etc etc etc etc...

I had my trusty yet tired old Honda generator tuned up ..so I thought.. until it "threw" some wonky power and killed my 2o amp breaker in my square D breaker panel.. this is the part of my power that charges my power converter..very boring AND who ever gave a rat's hiney..UNTIL until it was broke and my enchanting self had to fix it...wow electrical stuff is kind of interesting..and basically color coded.
Michelle said you just take it out and put in a new one..
so I replaced damaged thing and we test my generator it "appears" to be working properly..ha ha ha .. I am the biggest sucker..cuz guess what ? it fried my $61.73 breaker thing like nobodies business..so here I sit ..lucky for me my batteries are behaving and I have propane and candles and gin and bloody Mary mix...
except I have been off the hooch for 2 days.
I am drinking chamomile tea..

In conclusion..time management skills greatly improved..
my hair is a disaster
I work with a great team..well it is the beginning of the season so we are all seeing this as nothing but wonderful..well I am..because I am goofy like that