gizzards in styrofoam with barcode

March 22, 2010

I laugh at 634 miles !!

My observation du jour or what I noticed while navigating the interstates on this fine March day was that the most awful drivers were at the helm ! I suspect they were on meds and texting or drunk or stoned or maybe they were passed out and decided to let their toddlers have a go at it !!
I think humans are losing their humanity because they are so busy living virtual lives that they are declining as creatures that have physical abilities... in other words get these people off line and into the woods or something...
maybe it should be a law that we hunt for food

Fortunately I beat the odds , I avoided stupidity...

The highlight of my drive was arriving by 10.30 pm
Second place, fried gizzards from Wal-Mart.
Why did I go into that place ?
Because it was the only parking lot that I fit was cold.. I was hungry...gizzards said , " eat me "