half of my day

so Fresia was the face painter in the summer..school beckoned..
I thought I would give it a go

I preset my life at 3 pm on weekdays.

I have discovered nutritional bars and juice

I hit the midway at 4, paint till 4.50 or 4.55,go to my trailer put on something ringmaster/trapeze, do some pitches,do 3 splits each side and 3 back bends..stretch my shoulders. start the show ,perform trapeze, pitches,announcing, change costumes, announce,get painting apron ready..start intermission, go to midway, paint in ringmaster duds,change costume,start second half,announce,3 splits,back bends etc.,do fabric,change costume, announce, etc...finale..grab apron briskly walk to midway and paint till 5 minutes before show and it begins again..

in between I let Spartacus in and out of the trailer

I have all my drinks, costumes, shoes, rosin and such preset...

it is kind of fun and..anything is possible