ron and chris

the other day in 1992 i was talking to someone about how we thought the new administration would figure out health care..we are still waiting..I guess I am lame to think the government could do anything for me in the health department..

that person was Ron pace

I can't believe it has been almost 20 years..

we lost him , he was from our inner circus circle.
we worked together in the 1990's and were great friends.
you can not see your true friends for years but they are still your friends

he leaves behind his amazing wife Chris..they were so close..they were always happy..

i remember her making him 2 eggs , she used water to fry them..and she always had rice.he was a great debater, loved politics,loved Chris,he spoke mandarin Chinese..he had a funny way of keeping his cats from escaping..just the way he would say back back was hysterical..

he was writing software before we even thought of buying a 1993 we bought a Macintosh performer..he helped us ..he knew dos and real computer stuff..

we are very is too short..he was only 58 almost