lighting designer

the other day the generator did one of those surge things and messed up the shows led light board and cables.

fortunately it was under warranty

very fortunately we were near the store

unfortunately you had to program all new lights and "scenes"

fortunately you could manually turn them on

unfortunately no one would do that during the show

fortunately I said to Bob, hey I will program the lights,not knowing what I was saying

today I did just that..programmed 8 scenes of lighting !I programmed lighting for the whole show Bob and Charlie were my assistants!
After we were done programming the led lights Bob said , "I bought a new strobe light, you can program that on the led board" doing modern day lighting is fun and difficult! it took about 2.5 hours. Incredible satisfaction when it was all done.

I now have beautiful lights when I work!My fabric lights are very cool!!The most beautiful lights on the show!and I designed them!! ta da

I have 8 more scenes to program.

I have come to my senses about face painting and during the first intermission Jimmy V, front door manager takes a turn. However Jeremiah Cook, aka Huckleberry asked for a turn ,just for the fun of it! he said " I'll bring you the money, painting is so much fun". Not only is face painting fun, it is very Zen,very relaxing