new and shiny

In my opinion..the new management did a splendid job..actually an excellent job with the new Hadi Shrine Circus !! A lot of new fresh faces, excellent lighting, a great building (except for the wind tunnel in the back door and the parking is tight )
Rumour has it that next year the band will update their charts !!

The last day for me I had the most mishaps ever, my web was not lowered for my I was a little late getting started. My neck loop came crashing to the ground off my lyra , always a comforting thing to see. So I climbed the web with the loop on my shoulder, looking extra spastic. I had a snafu in the little dance..grrr.. .To make the show perfect I forgot to wear my gloves in the elephant act. Oh yeah and my costume almost fell off during trapeze..In conclusion..I felt like the ultimate idiot

There were some crowd favorites The Castle Performing Bears (people love the dancing bear) , lots of women and aerialists in the air , Dave Smith Sr. performed his last shot from the cannon and how beautifully and high did he fly !! Elephants, tigers, doggies, horses, camels, jugglers, acrobats was a big, happy, pretty, show