Another fair...this is the life. One spot for 11 show days. The weeks days have only 1 show at 7.30 , for the most part. We have a few 3 show days and a couple of 2 show days.sigh.. the show is loaded with talent..

Lots of side show attractions at this fair, I am going to visit each and every one..

We have a beautiful double decker merry go round right next to us.
There is also a jacuzzi next to us and the jacuzzi guy has taken a shine to us and we asked him if we could try it . So today he comes up to the tent and says the jacuzzi is 107 !! However my people at the circus told me I can't go jumping in the jacuzzi while the fair is going on..boo

I am pretty much over being without the family...but fortunately I have great gal pals to hang with and I am working with another aerial diva !!!