under new management

something about driving to Evansville and being part of the Hadi Shrine Circus is pretty privileged..

We lost our beloved Paul Kaye last year, we also performed at Roberts Stadium for the last time...

This year the Jordan Circus is the producer and we are performing at the Ford Arena in downtown Evansville.

I am not one of the circus royalty who has performed here since the beginning of time, so my little mark in the history of the Hadi Shrine is insignificant.
My first time was 1995. I missed 2001-2006, because of other shows and obligations. I came back in 2007, just Fresia and me. Marshall will have nothing to do with hanging out in the cold weather and watching me suffer through the shows. Don't ask me why but this is the most agonizing date I have ever done. I love the wretchedly soreness of it all. It makes me thankful I can climb up to my rigging and do spectacular and unspectacular things.

Yesterday was a day full of practice and running animal and production number.I am wearing some fun little costumes and doing a cute little dance, as well as aerial things and riding an elephant.

The highlight of opening day is we only have 1 show today at 3pm !! Normally we have 2 shows followed by a big Thanksgiving dinner, waking up super early performing at 9.30, 2 & 7 Friday and Saturday closing with 1 show on Sunday............