2007 Fresia and Arwen

watching the girls grow is very fun ! we are getting ready to travel tonight and we get to spend 6 nights and 5 days in McAllen, TX !! Fresia will be dying her hair with kool aid and cranking on Language Arts ! We are still trying to figure out where to put things and more important find things.. I remember how jumping on the bandstand trailer used to get us all yelled at "in the day.." The ants in Texas are big Texas sized ants.. This show has grown by leaps and bounds, some things are the same ,it is amazing anything has changed at all! the way we creatures of habit hold on to habits even if they are bad for us. Our dogs are loser dogs , but when we have a good safe walking area we all dig walking the little beasts. SpitValve the 6 month old puppy got loose !! After we realized that she thought us chasing her was a game we just turned around to go home and she came running. Fuzzable the 1 year old puppy howls at sirens, barks at vehicles and things..and chases after everything..We think she needs meds. Spartacus hasn't gotten loose ! Electra is so fine she comes, she stays..she is the sanity of the dogs