Rio Grande..we think

sometimes life becomes so much living that one does not have the time to note what has happened because one just wants to sit and talk and listen...

I am happily and muddily here on KELLY MILLER CIRCUS !!! with my little family..including the doggies ..all 4..urg..

We are in a lovely town and Marshall is sporting a new titanium , steel , and plastic hip. He is navigating the muck and the mire in quite a sporting fashion.

his title is musical directer....but it is him and Mike the drummer that are making the music happen with the help of many....

Fresia is IN THE SHOW ! She is assisting Fridman in the Pirate production, is also a beautiful pirate girl and is in the finale ..the finale involves a small amount of choreography . She ransacked my costumes and threw together something quite cute and pirate like with a big scarf from Japan, a vest from the dive show, a sparkly trapeze costume , a pair of capezio jazz boots , and a pair of white fishnets that she hacked up to play the pirate urchin character.

I am doing trapeze and will be a dancing girl in the camel/zebra number..

so here we are being all family and having adventures