Walked to Mexico this morning . I tried to buy things like Zicam , but no luck . I did get a bar of soap "Leche de Burra" for $1 . While I am close to the border I am enjoying TopoChico mineral water.
My traveling companions stocked up different sorts of medicines.

When I returned to the lot the dogs were frolicking about in the trailer, so that freshly washed rug is now disgusting and I am bitter and full of ill will ... it could be worse..laughing to myself loudly as I recall our re entry into the usa, mister border patrol was asking 20 questions AND AND AND after looking at our passports and goodies. He asked for ID ! super jag..his boss saw the 2 pasty white blondish people and the distinguished cattle rancher and wanted to know what was going on. Border patrol customs JAG, stated he was looking for ID, the boss said, "do they have usa passports ? and isn't that enough ? HA HA ! in your face..really ..we walked to Mexico..what did he think we had...?