Bob Cooley and team

once upon a time I was a young dancer I met Bob Cooley. He was one of my dance teachers and I danced in his dance company. If you are a dancer your instrument is you . It is pushed and challenged to the edge of everything known to humanity and beyond..It is your garment , your only garment. I think being a dancer is the noblest of all art forms . We are so fragile, a twisted knee and you are done for. No one can express and communicate with their body like a is so fleeting. I suppose some people dream of being some kind of performer and never attain that elusive dream and become old and hateful and dislike joy and youth and everything good. What a ho hum sad time it must never live even the littlest smidge of ones dream..I must be empathetic with such people not judge their fear of flying.. back to Bob Cooley..just google him !! Bob and some friends came to the circus. Their work is this incredible resistance stretching . They stretched some of us on the show . I got a new body for the show.. The next day I was sore in this crazy ass way..Bob and team work with some of the most spectacular athletes on earth. They came to visit me and stretched me and Marshall and others got a stretching treat .They rode elephants and camels and loved the circus..It was wonderful to connect with Bob after such a long time .