Horseneck Beach , Walden Pond..

Field trips..a field trip is anywhere off the circus lot. Many times it means going to a mall kind of place, because teens love that stuff. I decided as a responsible adult we needed to see some places that I thought had some kind of importance . It's the least I can do .I have a mission "we have to go there because it is fantastic and I love it"! First on my list was/is Horseneck beach, it is so beautiful , the dunes , the grasses , the smooth rocks, the strong current . Going to that beach was a major treat as a child , I loved it more than going to Newport , I loved the crazy intense riptides , the undertow, the crashing waves. We spent our summers on the Sakonnet River . A salt water river with a ho hum current and NO WAVES unless we had storms . Field trip # 2 Walden Pond !! HELLO , can you say Thoreau ?? When I wasn't wrestling bluefish or riptides in Buzzards Bay, catching eels and quahoging or swimming across the Sakonnet river ( only 1/2 mile from Common Fence Point to Tiverton, RI ). I would have somehow wrangled a ride to Walden Pond with all my teen friends. We never swam at the public park . We would walk halfway around and swim where it was dark and dangerous and probably forbidden.Going to Walden with friends today was just lovely.. I didn't realize what a mecca it was..what do I know ?