moving the puzzle

John Moss and family left for 10 days to say good bye and bury his mom .John Moss spoils us all, he makes sure the fan is on me perfectly when I perform trapeze , he goes out of his way to avoid conflict. He is very sensitive to our neurosis . He is very organized. On a show like this there are many elements to consider, the weather, storms, terrain. There are also the other people on the show who are doing their own dance in the time frame . He considers us all.He has an elegant presence. There is also his oldest son Johnny , Johnny is the man backstage ! keeps us mudfree in the mud and dry in the rain..everyone is missing Johnnies quiet perfection . I was almost the ringmaster for this period.. I was freaking out..this show is big and ..unless I have my 20 minutes to get into trapeze mode..scary for me.Very lucky for the show John Kennedy Kane was available . A talented, witty ,booming presence . John Kane aka Eggrole has a comedic 1 man show called " my life in the basement " . We laughed and funny sometimes sad . It is very brave when someone can expose their soul ! great theater and life story . Some nyc director saw his play and thought he would be brilliant as the ringmaster for Big Apple Circus ..timing is everything. He starts rehearsal in 2 weeks . Marshall and Eggroll met on the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus in 1978 or 1979 in "the day" of lots of musicians and lots of clowns and lots of showgirls . They both had crushes on the beautiful Dawnita .He has infused us, enlightened us and just doing his job packed some people. It has been a week of memory lane and the beginning of RED ASS DAYS. August is looming, the evil bitch of the circus . Why do people have RED ASSES ? something happens and irks someone so badly that they feel like they have hot coals packed up their asses, hence RED ASS DAYS . We will miss you Eggy and welcome back the Moss Family !