16 more days to get it right-the trip of October 9 ,2013

Today we drove on a small highway for a while , we drove through lots of small towns and had to slow town to 35 mph a million times . When it was time to get on the big highway it became multi lane and some kind town person alerted me to a flat . I pulled over and waited for
"the rescue rangers" . The mechanical department fixed me up and off I motored . The route slip said to take a left on historic us 66 . I saw the warning arrows and I saw historic us 66 BUT MUCH TO MY SURPRISE , there are 2 of them .. I knew right away I was doomed. I was on an OLD frontage road , I had to drive 15 miles extra . I turned around finally and very cranky I arrived . My day improved when we foraged at thrift stores and I stumbled upon a store called Glick or Glik or something like that and scored a pair of $100 Missme jeans for $33 !! woo hoo .