October 10th weekend

 We spent some time in the St Louis , MO area . Friday night Jessica , Rosa , Elliana , 8 Arches and a huge group from Circus Harmony came to the show , the Arches performed  , opening the second half with juggling ,tumbling  and pyramids . High energy , youthful , circus , spirited fun ! On Saturday we had a fun time at the City Museum with Jessica Hentoff and Fresia as tour guides . We climbed 10 flights of stairs , slid down  big slides , went on the roof and explored the school bus that hangs over the roof . We returned to the circus lot at 12.30 am !!!  Our friend Clay is visiting and we boogied to the movies after Sundays show to see  "Gravity" in 3D !! , he will be hanging out till Wednesday the 16 in the early morning .