Tent raising

I have the best children at tent raising . Yesterday and today , actually many days these little children just start clapping after my little story of the circus . I talk about a typical day on this circus .I tell them how we we get up at 6am, We hop in our trucks and we drive to the next town. I talk about the 24 hour man and the arrows. The mechanics , otherwise known as the rescue rangers, the cook ,the school teachers, the tent crew , the animal care, the water man, the electrical department , the trumpet player , the drummer and the sound effects guy , the fact that at least 8 people weld , the costume work ,the laundry , the people who pull permits , all the people , the work , the history of the circus as I know it . I talk about regulations and laws , how lucky we are to just look at these magnificent animals . I try to explain how it is to work with animals.. Believe me I can go on for a lonnng time , there is a lot to tell . I talk about our history . I make some jokes . I take credit for the elephant going to the ladies room in the big top . I tell them about running away with the circus and I share the facts that we have some families that are 10 generations of circus . I talk about the family deal. We are a big extended family of 96 persons , together day in and day out for 38 weeks , 500 shows..200 set ups . We come to your town to entertain you and your families . How cool is that ? The circus is for everybody..maybe you are here with a friend or your cousin and your folks ..You could be watching families together performing .Someday when you come to the circus when you are older you can bring your children ..I guess that is one of the differences between nouveau circus and traditional circus..family
Some days I have a future in story telling , there is boatloads of money in that . Yesterday it was a little chilly I was somehow inspired to look fashionable . I wore maybe Ella's or Doris's or Lillian's or Alice's or Rose's small pillbox mink hat . When I walked by the children- a 6th grade boy said your hair is so cool . How fun !! It is the little things in life . Oh yes and of course I tell them about the show ! The shiny , sparkly show..