life from June 16 , 2014

Dear Diary ,
I am sorry I have not been sharing my adventures with you . Our lives have been very full and I think I have said everything I can say without swearing .

We went to NYC the other day . I wasn't really feeling it ..the train ride and watching a few precious dollars fly away BUT Fresia wanted to go and I am not ready to let her fly solo .Well maybe I am today but I wasn't on Monday the 16 of June 2014 .When I was her age I was going everywhere solo .
One of the highlights of the journey was seeing naked painted showgirls representing different countries for the world cup . Another highlight was our friends who were experiencing NYC for the first time . The true highlight was watching Fresia's wings unfold as she gets ready to tackle the great beyond .

There are many critics and fans of the circus . One such fan named Ernie came to our show in West Creek , NJ . I wonder what  he will say about the show . I hope he doesn't say " it's time "

On Tuesday a photographer named Jim came to photograph us, portrait shots.. I am not loving the camera ..some shots are lovely but some make me want to burn my tights .. I always knew my face would be my career ender . This is one of Jim's Marshall shots .

                                           Jim in action , his assistant , Lamont and the twins

There are these twins named Jason and Justin , I always mix them up they are photographers , graphic designers , love the circus and are magicians . They have won some nifty awards for their art .They are passionate and it is so cool watching their twin ness in action

The highlight of my day is when John Moss puts his microphone in front of Marshall as he plays during my act . There are only 8 places to plug in and they are all taken so Marshall can not plug in his mike , it is pretty cool to really hear his horn when I start the swinging part of my act .