The thing I like about rain - July 29 , 2014

The thing I like about rain .  My exercise is to find  things to like about life .

The thing I like about rain is ,  it shows you where your trailer leaks .

The thing I like about a video of performing is , you can see how you perform or talk ( so shocking yet enlightening )

The thing I like about trapeze is , ( no matter how I feel ) once I start working and listening to Marshall play I feel lucky and get happy .

Today we are in this fantastic little town with a great thrift store ,a pretty park , a lovely lake and a swimming pool !! Everyone talked about their great adventures . I spent an hour and a half on the phone with at & t ,went Wal-Marting with Tavana and company , talked to Fresia's teachers and snoozed for 1 hour (at least )
Some people were not so lucky to have choices , broken power steering lines ,brakes going goofy and a funky clutch .

Today as usual we had two shows .

The thing I like about the circus is the amazingness of everyone together getting down the road and doing two shows . On the outside looking in , it is a dream .

note , my grammar is atrocious ..