that went by fast -July 16 , 2014

Dear Diary ,
I am shocked and appalled that I didn't get any cute family photos while we were in Massachusetts , sad face .
I am happy I/we spent quality time with brothers/uncles , mother/grandmother , niece , sisters/aunts , cousins and lovely friends from my mighty home town state , big toothy smiley face and lots of hearts and party items !
Our last town in Massachusetts was Dalton . This is a wonderful spot with lots of festivities .
Lots of positive vibes and many kindness from some prominent CFA ers .

                                         Lane Talbert microphoning Marshall for an interview
Wayne McCary and self  at the beautiful luncheon by the wonderful tent .
Marshall and my highlight was Shoat and Gigi , Dave , Robert , nephew and Tony Z !!
Mister Shoatface jumped in and repaired a leaky show hose that was causing a huge mud hole ( could he be any more with it and for it ?)
He upgraded our  trailer door . Our trailer is vintage . I wore a vintage costume in trapeze , Marshall plays a vintage cornet and wears vintage band duds . Are we vintage as well ?

After Dalton we drove across the granite state to Pennsylvania , only 405 miles and a day off .
Casualties of the show were minor , 3 flat tires , 1 motor home leaky transmission hose  and 1 person ran out of fuel .
I made the journey unscathed except for extreme sweatiness , I stopped 4 times ( beverages , fuel and whatnot ) and have decided the Angola service area on the ny thruway  is very nice .

When we arrived in North East , Pa we saw many vineyards !! Marshall and I did a quick visit to town and I did a wine tasting ! I love supporting the locals !

As of today we have done 306 shows , 115 towns ( set ups and tear downs ) and 146 days of shows . We are on week 24 , 14 or 15 weeks left