another day

A bonus part of yesterdays visiting with Carson and Barnes Circus was an incredible barbeque , the treat to be in the audience of another circus and circus reunions .

When you work in traditional circus you usual travel around the planet and change shows from time to time . Yesterday was many reunions for many people .

 The aerial divas , well some of the aerial divas had not worked together since September 2009 so we had a mini reunion . Maybe we are out of focus but trust me we are adorable !! This blurry photo is  Amanda and Jairo's little man Liam is on the left , me , Amanda and Lynn .
We got to see  Lesley and Ricky's handsome twins
 I liked the show lights and  I love the motors that pulled up the rigging .
Always great to watch friends and friends I haven't met yet perform .
 The Rosales Family did a great 6 person juggling act , it was fun and skillful and there was dancing !
Jairo was a great ringmaster and Amanda (diva sister ) was lovely in everything she did . The show was wonderful .
After the show there was a  barbeque with tasty food and so much chit chat .
Everything was fun yesterday, for most of us and I think we got rejuvenated .
Today is another day , there are hoses to repair , tires to fix and fishnets to mend . The show goes on .The show goes on with or without any of us . Every person who gets to troop with the real deal doesn't know how lucky they are .