the show goes on , the show must go on

Many events happen every single day on the big show . On Saturday the 13th there was a big celebration for Mexican Independence day ( September 16 ) . The whole show was invited  we enjoyed food , beverages , dancing and had some fun .

 Marshall and I were driving around  last week looking at cool architecture  and food foraging . I spied an interesting market where they made all kinds of mouth watering sausage and patties . Big happy score . I loved the butcher paper and the china marker .

The other day Mike the drummer and Sue the office person decided they had all the adventures they could . They decided it was high time to move on . They left the show . Sometimes people do that , we call it blowing the show . They had very good reasons to leave and it is always sad when one of the pieces of the puzzle of the daily activity of the circus is gone . Different personalities and all we had become friends .However the show goes on . The show goes on with or without any of us . Once a friend said to me " the circus is like a bucket of water , if you put your finger in it and then take it out you will see it is still a bucket of water and you just had your finger in it for a little water . There will always be another finger to put in that bucket of water ".  Some people have to work  harder to fill those voids but the voids get filled . Lucky Eddy the drummer came back to finish the season .