September finally and we have done 401 shows

August is the most challenging month . It is a hot month with lots of 1 day stands , it seemed like every day was humid and smelly . We got cranky and everyone needed a nap .
Kelly Miller football club !

all players !

Today was a great fun day , first of all it was a day off . Show owners and concession people don't like days off but I am neither of those . The Kelly Miller Circus played soccer against the Carson and Barnes Circus , we were about 5 miles away from each other . The highlight of the game was when Armando Loyal become a daddy again with child number 7 . Welcome Luciana Delena !! We saw the princess through iPhone photos because she was actually not at the game .
The game was tied at 3 to 3 and there was overtime .  We were loud and watched the game like true soccer fans , screaming and cheering everyone of our players . It started to downpour and thunder and the teams played on .
Back at the Kelly Miller lot there were some awning casualties
The other night we were in a sweet town with a skate park right next to our trailer . I heard through the grapevine that there was a Mexican Ice cream shop around the corner . In between shows Tavana and I walked over and got some mouth watering refreshments . Frozen fruit popsicles with chile spice. All kinds of yummy frozen fruits . On the way back there were some children talking about the circus . They were talking about this lady and she hung by her teeth and her feet and how great she was . I asked them if that was their favorite part of the show and they said they liked the human volcano . I said he was great but wasn't the lady flying in the air so that made her better ? They liked both things and they loved the show so much they were coming back for seconds ! They didn't know it was me . Tavana and I were giggling about that .