fashion and rituals

Monday July 27, 2007

I have found in my experience as a performer that your costume is more than just a fashion statement. A costume becomes a security blanket in a strange way...
All performers have different garments that help us do the deal. Fire divers have special clothes to keep them safe. A pair of pants is so much more than a pair of pants as they carry you thru the air when you dive 70 feet into a 10 foot tank.

Josh,the captain, has several pairs of pants and they have been re sewn and hemmed and are his, only his,he hoards them in a sensible sort of way. He will only wear the white and gold shirts with the blue vest, when he is Billy he throws caution to the wind and wears a funky old striped shirt with the sleeves cut off.

Amy has special blue and red sashes that have to go around her waist three times and she must always wear a bright bandanna and even though she is going to be soaking wet for 20 minutes, she loves her dry skirt and suit to start her shows.It is a good day when there is tanning and reading in between shows and she has run 7 miles..

I have to have everything dry and my skirt has to be red and I have to skip rope and do 3 back bends and 3 sets of splits and do this yoga thing.Today was a blast in between shows I put up my hair and swam around the tank.I laid on a towel,enjoyed the sun and ate.

Zatch does this major intense stretching ritual and has to have long sleeves when he is the high diver and ties a green sash under his butt to keep his pants from falling off,he also has one pair of sacred pants, they have a special blue crotch.

Ian as captain has his special pants,they are identified with the different color threads from fixing. when he is Billy he sports a vest and matching sash and bandanna, he is a very matchy matchy person...

Nate's pants were just cut a comfortable length he sometimes wear a vest sometimes a striped shirt..he is a rookie and finding his niche. He is actually technically an amazing diver.

Bones our cast captain must wear under armour and this special pair of pants that are 3 years old..He has one shirt he favors..this years model with the sleeves cut off

Kelly like to have someone tie her vest just so and tends to blue colors.She loves her wet suit.