sun in

Tuesday July 14, 2009


SUN IN is awesome stuff..Way to save some scratch!
1)product is hanging out backstage
2No time consuming $$$$$ out, salon visit
3)spray on roots, do some shows annnnd

ta da- blond all over

Max Factor was a genius.note to self reread Max's story..

Panstick is ama-fing-zing!!..unfortunately Americans,(USA)are not buying this product- come September 2009 it will be shipped off to England. I am stocking up!

We are now doing 4 shows every day..every day is the peak no valley..I am really into my hot bath with Epsom salts..As long as I do splits and back bends and skip rope and jumping jacks all day long I feel splendid..If I stop moving and sit in between shows..ugh ugh ugh..