pirates even drink liquor

Wednesday July 22, 2009

actually pirates especially drink liquor ! they like rum and whiskey and red wine- stuff like that!!I love Mohans ,a most excellent wine smorgasbord and tasty beverages shop.

This part of the country is big on horse stuff..horse back riding, horse racing, wild west shows, horse diving etc etc etc...
I saw this cool mirrored horse statue and decided it was worthy

Today was a pretty intense show day, lots of missteps and missflips kind of scary...not scary for me personally ..diving is intense..the divers have to climb these painful ladders ,just hard doing 4 shows..HOWEVER to amuse myself I have been dancing as much as possible on stage..I will have a very nice time..no matter where I am..AND showbiz is suppose to be rewarding..enough chit chat..time for lizards and lice.arrgh!!