more circus fun

Thursday July 9, 2009

The circus is extremely fun and wonderful and everything nice when you go without circus for a couple of months...

My cabana boys,Ruby 3.0 and self went to Km Circus to have a big time.Fresia was already there having spent the night!

The high diving pirates had good times, happy times, fun times.

The tigers are quite very wonderful and someone who shall not be named should be very proud and honored that some of their great work and tutelage is being carried on by this young buck tiger dude at the mighty KM Circus..and and and the tigers are golden or orange colored .I made a mental note because I don't usually notice such things...There are 5 of them.

The clowns are very marvelous and funny and cute and everything a clown should be AND they were so cool and it was fun for the clowns and divers to exchange tales and war stories and the ways things are the land of physical comedy

Fresia played with her circus girlyfriends.

I visited more with my wonderful friends ,my friends that I so miss hanging with and so wish we could work on the same show and I don't need to go on and on

Nat doggies are darling and she is sooooo perfectly "Laura"

We had yet another splendid bar-b-cue..

oh yes I am back!! back to work! back to being shipmate Ruby