So these guys in this picture Dick Kohlreiser and Gary Sladek have been friends of mine for a long time. I am very happy they are on this show because they are great show guys and great persons and have good manners.

It is not so easy to note down rigging things when the elements in your life are so bizarre.

So bizarre, so weird I can't even write these things down. Jaw dropping things...manners non existent manners..

How about " thanks" ?

When someone does something in a helpful or generous way, well I always say , "Thank you "

well enough of that..who cares anyways..

so this here building has beams at 27-26 feet at the peak.Pretty low , but not too hard! I scored a big lift and we dead hung the trapezes first thing in the am! Miss G was hung kind of low, always a bummer BUT her rigger was rushed! I was rushed too but I snagged the proper span sets. The main building guy was not too cool on letting me use the lift for the other 7 points.So we resorted to an extension ladder on a table. OH YIPPEE !!!!!! I got to be the bottom guy, it wasn't too horrible. Tear down will be ok. I have to the climb up my web and undo the spansets while hanging on the web thing, groan.

This is town four. Our first building, town one was high beams very close to the ceiling. I made a tennis ball, filled it with weights tied on heavy fishing line and got the pitchers on the show to throw it over the beams..A very brutal long day.

Towns two and three outside with the poles, three sets of poles !!! A lot of aerial stuff. I can blame myself for that insanity , however it does look amazing!!

The show is carrying my uprights so I don't live with rigging on my floor. That makes me happy.