what's a diva?

Tuesday 8.30ish eastern time zone

Sunday night we tore down and started driving around 11pm central time.

The drive was really fun we had laughing fits and vowed next time to get a driver and stop for a room!! Except for the no sleeping ,the same clothes for many hours and my huge stomach ache it wasn't too sucky.When I drive I can't eat, it makes me sick..all that sitting..

When we arrived in the south we were all amazed at the thick heavy humid air. Dressed in pants and sweaters made it all the more fun..I lived in a really thin camisole black top and unsnapped my pants ...I pulled into my driveway at 2.30 am.Tuesday. I felt almost pukey I was so tired.. I did some laundry took a shower kissed my loved ones and was woken up at 6.45, " mom, can I have the day off from school?"

"of course honey", I said, "but no tv"