4 dogs and 1 turtle

As predicted I am getting attached to the last ,cutest puppy ever !!

Is 4 dogs and 1 turtle and 3 humans too much for the Scythian ?

I am going to get a doggy yard if that is the case !!

It is a known fact that our dogs are the most walked dogs in show business !!

I can't imagine walking our dogs as much as I did this summer, I think I walked them a minimum of 6 times a day at fairs.It was ok, except for the puppy dog, she was so curious and EXCITED .I was parked in the middle of these crazy rides; the zipper, the stinger, wild mouse, blah blah blah.good times

Fuzzable barks like a freak at Shelly the turtle, Spartacus is a runner, Electra can be cool, will bark when provoked, the new puppy appears to have a great temperament does not bark at the turtle and Marshall has taken a liking to her....

She is black and brindle, her paws and face are brindleish and her paws are silver dapple and she has a piebald chest !!! I had been calling her Silvertooth but have now changed it to "puppy" . If we keep her will we call her Silver ??