Bromeliads and Dengue Fever

Maybe I am being hysterical, but this spring I called mosquito control because the mosquitoes in my yard are out of control. The first thing the mosquito guy asked me was if I had checked my Bromeliads. Unknown to me Bromeliads are one of the best ways to breed mosquitoes ! Mosquito guy took a turkey baster and sucked out about 1/2 cup of nasty mosquito larvae pupa stagnant water!! He gave us these pellets called Bromeliads bites that we are supposed to throw in the plants once a month, why grow plants that are homes to creatures that bite you and can give you disease, that is a big cup of crazy !! I used to like these plants but this summer I was able to sit outside and not get eaten alive.When I returned home to Florida in the fall I was determined to rid our yard of these mosquito breeding machines !!Also when I returned home there were more plants in the trees , around the trees , everywhere !! it was crazy..Fresia and I began operation Bromeliad.It was kind of sad ripping out those plants, it was also very naturey...all kinds of bugs and stagnent water was spilling out, after a while we had to stop..Fresia was getting really grossed out.
After mosquito man came one of my neighbors ripped out all his Bromeliads, the other neighbor likes and grows them...I kind of panicked when I heard dengue fever was in Florida..