a fun tear down at the circus

sometimes you just have to close your eyes and use your imagination
sometimes it is impossible to take a photo

take a purple span set, make a harness
clip yourself to the main falls that are hanging off the truss at 34 feet
grab a rope that is tied to a climbing rope
get pulled to the truss by Marshall and Timi L
realize your harness is very uncomfortable
grab the truss with one hand
throw the rope tied to the climbing rope over the truss
climb out of the harness
wrap your leg on your climbing rope that is being held by Timi L
unclip the main fall
clip the main fall on the climbing rope
try and reach the other main fall
realize you can't reach
come down the climbing rope
drop the climbing rope
get pullied up with the other main fall
repeat process
come down to the ground
pack up rigging
chain main falls
drive home
photos are not of the actual event..