puppies and pumpkins

a new camera!! blogging with an iPhone is for the super dedicated. It isn't the photos that are the challenge but trying to write something mildly interesting that captivates every thought I am having at the moment...
We finished the first weekend of the Pumpkin Festival !! We did a 6 pack..say no more...6 shows in the Florida weather in a tent without air conditioning..my hands were on fire by the last show.
This is a nice time because there are many different kinds of performers and shows, all sorts of fun activities from butterfly gardens to pumpkin cannons to fresh watermelon with smoky chili powder from Mexico to a corn maze to thrill shows, novelty acts, arts and crafts and friends from the past and friends from the present.

We get to do this for 2 more weekends!!!

subjects in the photos ; Timmy , Sashi, Lamonte ,myself and some puppies of course