frozen jello ,windmills and what life throws at you as we begin the 86th day of shows , 56th town and show 187 ish

It seems like it has been a really long time of crummy internet , allergies , mud and distractions . We are a 2 computer , 2 iphone ,1 phone phone  family and Fresia uses the "good " computer for school .. I am not an iphone blogger..well not here I sit 30 minutes of thoughtful time.
Tomorrow is Fresia's birthday..She is such a teen , she thinks her parents know nothing about current cool trends,  and she is ready for a zombie invasion!! She is into working out and running and has discovered or perhaps invented drinking water and sit ups ..she "found" the same workout apps that I have been using for 2 years and ..she invented that too. She describes herself as a hipster and is quite proud of her dad the hipster . I have been instructed when I shop for her to tell the sales associates my daughter is a size oo or a 1 and she is a hipster..Some days I am a mom and she needs me to do real mom things...I was a teen once..being a teenager is a very intense time.

Yesterday the cook made jello for desert and I froze mine !! looks so pretty tastes so boring..the great part about jello is the texture .

Today we drove 77 miles , mostly highway , I had good radio and it went by fast .When I arrived I spied windmills . I remember many moons ago trying to get adults interested in mass windmills for a power source . They blew me off . I was a teen . Teens do have some great ideas !

Last weekend we were in a lovely Amish town , Fresia and I walked to town early in the morning before I did tent raising .We found a cozy restaurant and had a tasty breakfast .The best part of a walk with your kid is sharing the sights .This town had sweet gardens and the sidewalks and yards were littered with beautiful petals . The circus was parked on asphault because of the mud ,shocking !! We were in the front yard next to the cookhouse and had a pretty view . For some crazy reason I work bionic when it is cold and rainy and if there is mud..there is no stopping me