sideshow diva

My life just got what I call busy .I am not ashamed to admit I like to do one thing at a time and be thoughtful .However last week I had the opportunity to be the side show barker , I don't know if that is the correct term . I was filling in for Gene . This activity added almost 3 hours a day of talking !   Anyone who really knows me , knows I love a good chit chat .I like to talk and I like to listen, I love peoples stories . So this bit of extra came up pretty quick and my thoughtful blogging writing time got taken away and we were in the Amish mountains of Ohio , which is AT & T Internet free .
As I ramble on I will add Ohio is beautiful state , we have many lovely friends . It makes the journey from town to town so nice when you know you will see Dick K and Forrest T and many more .. Big O little o has the most picturesque , very storybook towns..slices of Americana .
In one town we met this firecracker named Mary Pollock .She is a collector of Merry go Round Organs and anything musical

We made a new friend named Kerri , she is a friend of the circus and a lover of elephants .A very welcoming person ,she brought us fresh tea cookies and we bought her hardly used wii !! I have a happy teen !
Steve has a new duck , he is now a two duck family.. Her name is Polly and she is adventure-ish .She tried to nibble my red toenails
Steve and Shelby ..